Privacy Policy

Privacy on the Forsyth Career Apparel Website 

At Forsyth, we maintain a firm commitment to your privacy. Privacy refers to the information we gather about you and how that information may be used. We also have a Security Statement that describes how sensitive information is kept safe and secure. The type of information we gather about you depends entirely on how you choose to use our services. We ask only for the information necessary to serve you best; for example: for purchases, your name, address, phone number or e-mail, and credit card information are necessary for efficient purchasing, accurate delivery and to contact you if necessary.  For catalog or product sample requests, we need a name and address for mailing purposes, plus a contact name, phone number or e-mail address in case we need to verify or update the address.  For e-mail communications, all we need is your e-mail address.  From time to time, we may conduct optional Surveys or run Contests -- survey and contest forms may ask for contact, demographic and purchase preference information.  If you choose to register with us, the registration form requires only purchase information. Although other questions are asked (line of business and accounting software used), responding to these questions is your decision.

About Cookies 

Forsyth uses cookies purely for technical reasons within the use of our optional registration service.  When you register on our web site, our site sends a cookie to your browser to put in a cookie file. This cookie contains absolutely no personal information about you, but only a line of text that allows you to access your account information. For this reason, cookies are not destroyed after you leave our site or turn off your computer. When you return to our site, a number in this text associates your computer with the information we are storing for you at Forsyth.

Protecting Your Transactions

At Forsyth Career Apparel Online, we use the latest technology to be sure all transactions are secure.  Here are just a few ways we protect you and the data you submit to us.  SSL Technology Protects Your Transactions:  We use technology called Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) that “encrypts” any data transmitted between you and Forsyth as long as the Web Browser you’re using also supports SSL.  All the most popular Browsers support SSL in recent versions.  Encrypted data is much harder to decode than regular data, making it much less attractive to a hacker.  Before you actually submit your information to Forsyth, your Browser encrypts the data.  It remains encrypted during transmission and then it is decoded by our Web Server when it is received.

In order to use SSL, we had to apply for the privilege to conduct Electronic Commerce and go through a strict approval process to obtain a digital certificate.  Our digital certificate was issued by an authorized security service after we proved we were a legitimate business.  The digital certificate was then installed on our Web Server so that from now on, we can offer you the security of SSL.